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Celcom Government SMS Alert

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is a proven mobile messaging solution for local, state and federal government organisations. The solution integrates inbound and outbound mobile messaging with existing IT systems to help automate communication and workflow processes throughout a single and multiple facilities for:

  • Critical incident management
  • Government staff and team collaboration
  • Citizen and public alerting
  • Appointment reminders
  • System-integrated mobile messaging

The service is built on the Soprano Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite, a trusted intelligent, global and feature-rich software platform that currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide and has demonstrated its ability to handle volume spikes and maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Integrated Mobile Messaging for Government Organisations

Citizen Alerts

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is used for a wide array of topics of interest to citizens, such as closures, pollution warning and weather events. It can also be used for citizen account-related information.

Crisis & Incident Management

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is an advanced mobile broadcast alerting system that includes powerful broadcast alerting tools that enable 1-way and 2-way mobile alerting via SMS or email from a single cloud-based platform.

Messaging System Integration

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service integrates with existing government IT systems to extend mobile messaging capabilities. Advanced “smart” APIs are sophisticated and adaptable to fit the custom needs of government organisations.

Personalise citizen and public communication
Use SMS to increase your engagement with real-time 2-way interaction

Citizen Alerting

Public Mobile Alerts

Use 2-way SMS to communicate directly with citizens on a variety of use cases, such as autmated reminders, managing wait-lists and queues or organising events.

Opt-in Community Programs

Allow citizens to subscribe by enabling them to opt-in to receive relevant information by SMS about relevant government and local council programs and events.

Account Services

Use a sophisticated targeting capability and SMS to communicate with account holders on important account information, such as their contact information and to remind them about due payments.

Use SMS for Citizen Alerting and Public Notification

Celcom Enterprise Message provides 2-way SMS broadcasts for public and citizen alerting. The portal enables ongoing communication before, during and after an event or incident. It also includes an online broadcast notification portal to rapidly send time-sensitive information via SMS to defined lists of public citizens.

Featured Use Case

SMS has been proven to reduce failed attendance rates and missed appointments. Additionally, manage wait lists and queues by using SMS to remind citizens of appointment reminders and cancellations.

Communicate easily during emergencies
Deploy an SMS solution for business continuity planning

Use SMS for Public Warning & Incident Management

Business Continuity Planning

Send SMS to provide warning and incident management. Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service enables pre-configured templates and lists that can be used to provide ongoing information before, during and after an incident to internal teams as well as to lists of external stakeholders.

Urgent Response & Worker Safety

Trigger alerts from any web browser wherever you are at any time of the day or night, and broadcast SMS can even be initiated from your mobile device. The Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service system is pre-configured so you can quickly deploy time-sensitive information to the right people.

Time-Sensitive Alerting

Adapt to changing circumstance using Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service to access pre-configured templates for broadcast SMS or email messages, combine group lists, and view real-time reporting during an event. Send ad hoc notifications anytime, or schedule automatic delivery of recurring broadcast messages.

Use SMS for Emergencies and Incident Management

Celcom Enterprise Message provides a rapid broadcast notification system and 2-way SMS for government organisations. The platform enables ongoing communication during and after an incident, and includes an online broadcast notification portal to rapidly send time-sensitive information via SMS to teams first responders.

Featured Use Case

Use SMS to verify safety and status of your workforce. The Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service StaffSafe application can track responses and automatically escalates if no response is received based on time parameters you set.

Automate Mobile Messaging
Integrate with a compliant mobile messaging platform

Mobile Messaging Integration and Automation

System Integration

Enhance your existing scheduling, ERP and IT systems by extending a mobile experience that adds SMS as a more immediate and targeted medium of delivery. Enables advanced capabilities such as scheduling, reply handling and keyword routing.

“Smart” APIs for Automation

The Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service uses major APIs such as REST, HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, Group/Contacts, Java and .Net.

Cloud Messaging Portal & Admin

The intuitive and sophisticated online admin portal is accessible anywhere online, from various devices and includes powerful real-time reporting.

Extend mobile messaging to your existing IT systems

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service can be used to automate communications to just about any existing online systems, such as One-Time-Passwords via SMS, 2-way Mobile Messaging, and Broadcast Alerting. The solution is used widely today as a complement to leading ERP, CRM and IT administration systems, as well as with various industry alerting and facility IT systems.

Featured Use Case

Integrate SMS with your online account systems to eliminate the need for physical hardware security tokens. Deliver one-time-passwords via SMS to handsets to validate the identity of internal and customer account holders. The portal integrates seamlessly with your existing internal government systems.

Get Mission-Critical Mobile Messaging
Secure, productive and compliant – learn how our messaging platform can help you

Security Options for Connectivity

Use HTTPS or FTPS for enhanced data transport security for messaging use cases such as 2-factor authentication via SMS for password protection.

Permission & Consent Controls

Permission & opt-out consent management provides the opportunity to create mobile message delivery for consumer-facing services.

Multi-site Setup

Hierarchical data and visibility management. Create different views for operators, customers, sub-customers, and users.

Dynamic List Management

Create contacts, groups, and lists that reside in the cloud-based system and become available via APIs or mobile clients. Full support for dynamic opt-in and opt-out integration.

24/7 Technical Support and Service

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is backed by a 24x7x365 highly available carrier support team.

Smart Integration and Automation APIs

Integrate secure and encrypted mobile messaging features with existing IT systems using SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, XMPP, location, group/contact, Java, or .Net.

Administration, Reporting and Analysis

Powerful real-time and scheduled reporting that can enable viewing system data across the entire school, for each individual group, or for each individual user.

Robust User Management

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service offers role-based user management that provides access to highly customizable capabilities based on each user for effective enterprise messaging.

2-way Multi-Channel Messaging Platform

Comprehensive 2-way messaging through a single user interface for inbound and outbound email, SMS, and MMS. Additional capabilities include voice broadcast, secure messaging and location-aware messaging capabilities.

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