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Celcom Retail SMS Delivery Alert

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is a proven mobile messaging solution for retailers and merchandising organisations.

The solution is a comprehensive 2-way mobile messaging delivered through a single user interface for inbound and outbound messaging via SMS and email and integrates with existing IT systems to help automate communication and workflow processes throughout a single facility or across multiple facilities for:

  • Operations and logistics
  • Critical incident management
  • Remote worker, field staff and mobile team collaboration
  • B2C mobile alerts
  • Account services alerts
  • One-time passwords (two-factor authentication)
  • System-integrated mobile messaging

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is built on the Soprano Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite, a feature-rich intelligent, geo-redundant and software platform that currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide and has demonstrated its ability to handle volume spikes and maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Retail Mobile Messaging Solutions

Logistics & Operations for Retail Distribution Centres

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service can be used to enable SMS messaging for end-to-end operations, retail inventory, logistics and delivery processes.

Celcom B2C Retail Mobile Messaging

B2C Mobile Messaging

Use enterprise messaging to send real-time mobile promotions, coupons, discounts and product announcements.

Celcom Mobile for Training Safety and HR

Training, Safety and HR Communications

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is equipped with a robust scheduling and reminder capability that can integrate directly with existing HR, calendar, scheduling and training, systems to enable mobile messaging to any mobile device, anywhere.

Logistics and Operations Messaging
Deploy an SMS solution to improve operational efficiency

Retail Logistics & Operations Management

Distribution & Inventory Management

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is a proven messaging platform that can integrate with existing logistics systems to automatically send information on shipments received distribution centres and distribution centers via SMS and capture information into IT systems and produce daily reports.

Staffing & Shift Offers

Use Celcom Enterprise messaging Service to create employee lists and configure each candidate’s availability. The platform automatically sends automated SMS text messages as shift offers to potential workers. Simply specify the shift details and tell the portal which groups to ask. Automatic SMS reminders will ensure workers arrive for their scheduled shift.

Multi-Site Retail Facility Operations

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service enables multi-site deployment and permissions management from an intuitive cloud-based platform. Advanced mobile messaging APIs & plug-ins are ready to integrate with your IT systems and extend SMS and email notification to your retail systems.

Mobile Messaging for Retail Logistics

Celcom Enterprise Message can provide a rapid broadcast system and 2-way SMS between remote workers at multiple retail locations. For example, dispatch alerts can be sent to drivers for re-routing and weather updates, and workers can use mobile devices to log hours at the beginning and end of shifts, or to report their location. Workers can use also SMS to communicate back to central inventory and IT systems for reporting low inventory levels or flag slow-moving items.

Featured Use Case

Use SMS to send delivery alerts to reduce the amount of failed delivery attempts and allow customers to confirm and change delivery preferences.

High-Volume B2C Mobile Messaging
Rely on a trusted B2C messaging solution for retail customer communications

B2C Mobile Messaging Alerts & Comms

Customer Marketing SMS

Integrate and consolidate SMS with your existing CRM systems and manage opt-in SMS programs designed to achieve a direct relationship with your customers. Provide your retail locations with an ability to send promotions and announcements.

One-Time Passwords via SMS

The platform can generate a unique secure One-Time-Password (OTP) via SMS to your customers’ and employees’ mobiles. This OTP is used as a 2nd form of login authentication for a low-cost way to capture a 2nd form of identity verification from your users.

Prevent SPAM and Fraud

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service helps you to comply with SPAM rules and regulation to ensure your lists and customer experience remain positive. The platform’s powerful capabilities enable you to manage a whitelist (opt-in subscribe) and blacklist (opt-out unsubscribe) and protect your business from fraud.

Manage B2C Mobile Alerts on a Proven SMS Platform

Create opt-in SMS B2C marketing programs to automate how you send automatic reminders for account message, promotion and customer loyalty announcements. The portal includes sophisticated tools for high-volume performance, large-list management, multi-site deployments, permissions-based real-time reporting.

Featured Use Case

Use SMS to send URLs to website landing pages that provide more information for your customers.

Mobile Messaging for Productivity
Use mobile messaging for training, coordination and incident management

Retail Staff Coordination & Training

Business Continuity Planning

Create SMS templates and group lists in advance (for example, different templates and lists for your regional retail workers, security agents, logistics operators, first responders, etc.). Or, import group lists and contacts from existing IT systems.

Critical Incidents

Add custom content to messages, combine group lists, request delivery confirmations and view real-time reports during an event. Send ad hoc notifications anytime, or schedule automatic delivery of broadcast messages.

Compliance Training & Safety

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is used by retailers for automating training reminders and company-wide announcements or individualised information.

Use APIs to integrate SMS into your existing retail IT systems

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service enhances your existing online systems for One-Time-Passwords, 2-way Messaging, and Broadcast Alerting. The portal is used widely today as a complement to leading retail IT logistics systems, CRM systems, and well as various industry alerting and facility IT systems.

Featured Use Case

Verify the status and safety of your workforce using SMS. The StaffSafe application can track responses and automatically escalate if no response is received based on duration rules you establish.

Get Mission-Critical Mobile Messaging
From security to productivity, learn how our messaging platform can help you

Security Options for Connectivity

Use HTTPS or FTPS for enhanced data transport security for messaging use cases such as 2-factor authentication via SMS for password protection.

Permission & Consent Controls

Permission & opt-out consent management provides the opportunity to create mobile message delivery for consumer-facing services.

Multi-site Setup

Hierarchical data and visibility management. Create different views for operators, customers, sub-customers, and users.

Dynamic List Management

Create contacts, groups, and lists that reside in the cloud-based system and become available via APIs or mobile clients. Full support for dynamic opt-in and opt-out integration.

24/7 Technical Support and Service

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service is backed by a 24x7x365 highly available carrier support team.

Smart Integration and Automation APIs

Integrate secure and encrypted mobile messaging features with existing IT systems using SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, XMPP, location, group/contact, Java, or .Net.

Administration, Reporting and Analysis

Powerful real-time and scheduled reporting that can enable viewing system data across the entire school, for each individual group, or for each individual user.

Robust User Management

Celcom Enterprise Messaging Service offers role-based user management that provides access to highly customizable capabilities based on each user for effective enterprise messaging.

2-way Multi-Channel Messaging Platform

Comprehensive 2-way messaging through a single user interface for inbound and outbound email, SMS, and MMS. Additional capabilities include voice broadcast, secure messaging and location-aware messaging capabilities.

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